Muddy Sunday

Where did the mud volleyball idea come from?

  • A few Keenanites participated in a charity mud volleyball tournament a few summers ago, competing against 150 other teams. After experiencing the greatness that is mud volleyball, these Keenanites decided that it would be a good way to raise money for charities at Notre Dame. And a legend was born! Keenan Hall is now proud to present Muddy Sunday.

Where is this tournament going to happen?

  • Muddy Sunday will be held at the White Fields, north of Ave Maria Press and Moreau Seminary.

Why do you need 8-10 people on a team?

  • It is more difficult to move in mud than not-mud. For that reason, more people are required on a mud volleyball court to cover the same amount of space as a regular volleyball court.

How much does it cost?

  • The price is $10 per person. Extra donations at registration time or at the event itself are welcome and appreciated. All proceeds go directly to Habitat for Humanity

What do we need to bring/wear on the day of the event?

  • Old/cheap shoes and clothes you don’t mind throwing away afterwards. Surprisingly, mud is dirty!
  • Duct tape to keep shoes/clothes on your feet/body
  • Old towels you don’t mind getting dirty to dry yourself off after the event
  • Those crazy volleyball skills

Game Rules

  • Each match is treated as an exhibition match of 30 minutes. Teams consist of 8 players to a side.
  • Once time is called, the winning team will be required and asked to vacate the court to allow others to join in the fun!
  • No more than 2 members of the men’s or women’s ND volleyball team per team.
  • Players of the serving team must rotate clockwise prior to serving the ball.
  • The ball must be served by the right back corner and may be hit in any manner with the hand. Prior to service, the ball may be cleaned with the water provided and cannot be loaded with mud.
  • The ball may be played on any part of the body above the waist.
  • Carrying, holding, or throwing the ball while it is in play is a foul. The play must be a distinct batting of the ball.
  • Three hits to a side. No player may hit the ball twice in direct succession. A block is not considered a hit.
  • It is a foul for players to touch the net during play.
  • It is a foul for players to reach over the net during play.

The purpose of the event is to have fun in a fair and competitive manner. Rules have been determined with the top priority that everyone will have fun. Any questions? Please e-mail or