In addition to Hall Staff, Keenan is served by a group of commissioners with specific tasks. Feel free to ask any question relevant to each person and his role!

Academic/Election: Tyler Bergeron & Leo Schneider
Alumni: Hunter Reh
Apparel: Tony Castrodale & JP Lynch
Athletic: Matt Locascio & Brett Greiner
Campus Events: Ian Smith
Dance: Liam Nixon
Dismas: John Sebastian Thorn
Diversity: Benedict Ko & Michael Lee
Gender Relations: Luke Maurice & Peter Oliver
Social Media: Sean Angelle & Tommy Richardson
Muddy Sunday / 12 Days of Christmas: Quinn Mahoney & Jack McConnell
Rockne: Gabe Brown
Service: Tommy McGinn & Matt Kirchmier
Wellness: Joey Tanaka, Willie Fraher & Max Downing
Upkeep: Matt Neal & Paul McAndrew
Spirit Week: Gabe Ramos & Joseph Brousseau
Off-Campus: Matt Bianucci & Dan Richardson
Krapper: Kyle Casey
Sustainability: Sam Bosio
Faith: Will Olafsson
Snack: Zach Pearson
Weight Room: Mike Moreno & Ian Martin
Keenan Coffee: Dan Holmes