Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend Captains 2019: Mike and Sean

Mike “Bicycle” Shannon

Bros. Brothers. Brethren. Beasts. It is an honor and a pleasure to congratulate y’all on your placement, and to welcome you into the grandest and most storied of Notre Dame’s 17 (17? Who can keep track these days!) men’s residence halls: Keenan Hall. The name is Mike Shannon, and I am stoked to be serving as your Alpha Captain for Welcome Weekend (note: at the time of writing this biography, the arm wrestling match between Sean and I for this title has not yet occurred. Please tune in to ESPN 8 “The Ocho” to witness the spectacle). I am a rising junior, majoring in Science-Business and deciding on a minor in Poverty Studies or Compassionate Care in Medicine. Originally, I hail from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known affectionately by locals as “The 412,” “The Burgh,” and even occasionally “We have quite a few professional sports championships.” I also love the Sixers, the Pirates, running around St. Joe’s lake, bananas, peanut butter, bananas with peanut butter, The Dark Knight, Diary of a Wimpy Kid memes, Lactaid®️, and the smell of freshly-mowed grass. Aside from a bit of school here and there, I’ve also topped the Zaland pizza power rankings (allegedly), fought in Notre Dame’s signature club boxing tournament, Bengal Bouts, and taken my clothes off for charity in the Keenan Revue. When I’m not doing work in the booths at North Dining Hall – Notre Dame’s ONLY dining establishment – you can find me posted up in my residence in the 2 West Quad, along with my roommates Alec “Poker is a contact sport” Emerson, David “DK got that DOPE” Kim, and Noah “Z-tier in Super Smash Bros” Kelly. The door is ALWAYS open to our fellow Knights – come for the camaraderie, stay because there’s a Gamecube. We hope you’re looking forward to a sick Welcome Weekend as much as we’re having a blast planning it. Because Keenan Hall is like Olive Garden – when you’re here, you’re family.

Sean “McWell” McConville

Hellooooo knights! I’m sure that most people are quick to congratulate you on your admittance to Notre Dame, but I’m here to congratulate you on a far more profound accomplishment: being randomly placed into Keenan Hall. My name is Sean McConville and I am a rising junior from Irvine, CA. If, for some inexplicable reason, you have never heard of Irvine (which you should’ve, it’s only the safest city in America), just think: Sean’s from southern California. This is really one of the only things I have going for me and is one of my biggest sources of pride, so I tend to point it out a lot. Like seriously, a lot. When I’m not pointing out reasons why California is the best state in the union, you can find me either in North Dining Hall, purchasing Gushers or quarter dogs from the Huddle, or hanging out with friends when I really should be studying and/or sleeping. Fun fact: I recently bought a hammock so if you’re ever looking for someone to spend some quality time outside with (in the warm months of the year, of course), I’m your guy. I’m studying economics and political science and would love to talk with any one of you who might be considering one of these majors or even just about how I landed on these two majors. I’ll be living in room 446 this coming year and my door will always be open. Even if it’s not, knock and we can still talk. Seriously, I can’t wait to get to know each one of you. So, until next time, welcome to Notre Dame, but most of all, welcome to Keenan Hall. Go Knights!! By the way, I’m the one on the left in my picture.

Welcome Weekend Ambassadors 2019:

Logan “Mr. ND ‘18” Schott

Incoming Fratres in Christo, welcome!  My name is Logan Schott. You might recognize me from the 2019 Keenan Revue “Dance Performance Piece” (I was the one with the sticker tattoos and Fr. Jenkins across my torso).  I am from Indianapolis, IN, so I’m your go-to person on anything Indianan. People ask me whether I like first semester or second semester more, but I don’t even know what that means — I only know bulking season and cutting season.  On a typical Friday night, you could find me doing many a thing, from jamming to Mulan and lifting weights and winning Mr. ND 2018, to running on North Quad in a tank top, to teaching fellow Knights how to body roll. I like everything French, including the language, the people, and the fries.  I can’t wait to meet Keenan Hall’s new members from the class of 2023! In the words of Fergie, let’s get it started… in heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee.

John Sebastian “Jazz” Thörn
Hello future Knights of the Keenan Tables. My name is John Sebastian Thörn, but you can call me JS. If you don’t understand basic phonetics like my friends, you can then take my nickname JS and nickname my nickname, giving me the nickname^2 of Jazz, my double-nickname, twice-redacted, thrice removed. I hail from the great state of Vermont, which means that my house is in Vermont and I call Vermont my home away from my home under the Dome; also, I live in Vermont.  You’ll quickly learn where I live in Keenan Hall because my room is the one smelling of lemongrass and lavender from my essential oil diffuser. I love it when people stop in and take a deep sniff, but please do not come in my room after 10:30 pm because I am already fast asleep and dreaming of Domerfest 2.0. For fun, I like to work on the same SIBC slide for several days straight, wondering if I should use the fade-out or the cube transition. If you’re wondering about my picture, that’s me as an extra on The Bachelor Winter Games, with the bachelorette from Sweden. I am excited to meet the future Knights of the Notre Dame Class of 2023 and share the best hall on campus with you all, it’s gonna be a ball, to share this cinder block wall, ok that’s all, sorry y’all.

Paul “Dry Bones” McAndrew

Yo yo yo, what’s up incoming Knights! Congrats on being purposefully selected to live in the University of Notre Dame du Lac’s premier residential hall community, Keenan Hall. My name is Paul McAndrew, but all my friends call me Dry Bones. I’m a junior who’s super excited to recruit *cough * meet all of you. I was born in Connecticut, then moved to Boston, then to Rhode Island, then Ireland, then back to Rhode Island, then to Holy Cross College (#gatewaysarepeopletoo) then to 425 Keenan Hall. My passions are twofold – I am a varsity (grade) rower on ND’s club rowing team, and an esteemed member of the Beta Alpha Psi Accountancy society. As for my tragic backstory: when I was a young child my parents left me home alone when our entire family traveled to Paris. With the threat of robbers fast approaching, I trained on our family ERG and learned to balance debits and credits – I defeated the intruders with my superior stamina and financial recording abilities, although I was not given a sequel. Some of my other hobbies include going outside – I have time to do this about twice a week – and sitting on Liam Nixon’s futon. If you see a decently tall, muscular, attractive accountant out on the town on a Thursday night, it’s definitely not me because I have a test next week. This upcoming year I will be living in The C-Suite, the second floor super six, along with fellow ambassador Matt Neal. My door will always be open if you want to discuss optimal ERGing strategy or create a balanced scorecard for your company’s upcoming fiscal year.

Written by Matt Neal

Joseph “Loud Joe” Brousseau
What’s up first years! My name is Joseph Brousseau and I am amped to be one of your welcome weekend ambassadors. I am a Menbroza major from the humble city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Anyhow, I am a very passionate guy with a knack for volume. So, if you ever hear somebody yelling at the volume of a Boeing 737, chances are it’s about one of the following things: Notre Dame sports, soccer, Notre Dame in general, Flappy Golf, or opposing my friend’s plans. However, I am most passionate about being your welcome weekend ambassador! I plan on leading all of you like Jon Snow leads the skeleton army (this is just a guess. I just pretend to be a fan). If you ever need me I will be in the Pen1Nsula and would love to talk about the GOAT, Tom Brady, with you!

Hunter “Kanye” West

What’s up boys, congratulations on your joining of the best community on campus, the Fratres in Christo of Keenan Hall. My name is Hunter West and I am from the great city of grit, brotherly love, tailgating, and seasonal depression: South Bend, Indiana #Towniesarepeopletoo. I am proud to be a rising Sophomore studying Accounting in the Mendoza College of Business.  After a great year as a member of the 2 West Wolfpack (sponsored by Anderson Tax), I am excited to be taking my talents to 4 North and will be living in room 425. Some of my favorite things to do include giving JP buckets in pickup basketball, getting 15 kill dubs on Fortnite, and tearing up as I sit in my room and rewatch Tiger Woods win the Masters. Also, as a resident of South Bend, I give great advice on the best places to eat outside of campus. It’s Applebee’s. Go to Applebee’s. Finally, I am extremely excited and grateful to welcome the Keenan Hall class of 2023 to one of the best communities on campus and feel free to stop by 425 or the 4Nip at any time. Welcome beasts!

Nick “Name” Marshall

Good morning (or afternoon or evening or whatever time of day you’re reading this). My name is Nicholas Marshall. Quick list of my skills include walking, breathing, eating, sleeping, laughing, jumping, spinning, and running. I have a lot of skills. I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, hence my tendency to call water fountains “bubblers”. I speak three languages: English, Matlab, and Python (HA, computer science joke). In case you didn’t catch on, my major is computer science by the way. Despite being sub 6-foot I am on the Notre Dame football team. That’s right, you’re looking at a student-athlete. Well, actually it’s a little more student than athlete because I am member of the Robotic Football team but we can just leave the robotic out. When I get tired of land, I hop on over to the puddle that is St. Joe’s Lake and make boats move with wind (also known as sailing, thank you Cape Cod). This coming year, you can find me in the 2 Nip with a  great group of guys and my door is always open (unless it’s closed). Can’t wait to meet you all, GO KNIGHTS !!

Matthew “Frat” Neal

What’s up guys, I’m your local super computer, Matt Neal! Here in Keenan Hall, Google is considered to be outdated and most people seem to prefer to use me as their search engine instead, so I will be your best resource for answering anything you might turn to a textbook for. I am a Business Analytics major here at Notre Dame, where my brain is used to power the state-of-the-art computer labs in the basement of the Mendoza College of Business. I am from sunny Santa Barbara, so catch me riding my longboard around campus bringing my rad Cali vibes to the beautiful Michiana region. Whenever I’m not downloading encyclopedias into my head, you’ll find me out on the football field engaging in the sport of “disk,” as my fellow ultimate teammates would say. This year I will be living in the 2 West Super Six known as “The C-Suite,” so be sure to stop by to admire the sculptures I make out of Gorilla Glue tape and the greatest lighting and sound system on campus, engineered by yours truly. After having the unlucky opportunity to clean up after Keenan VP Chris Lutz and his shenanigans all of last year, I will have a wide array of kitchen and bathroom cleaning supplies on hand and would be thrilled to recommend my favorite brands to interested visitors! Not trying to flex, but I have managed to attend a formal with almost every girls’ dorm on campus, so be sure to ask me for my top three rankings. I live and breathe Keenan Hall, and last year established our weekly bathroom stall periodical, “The Keeenan Krapper,” to help make the time we all spend on the thrones of Keenan a more worthwhile and gossip-filled experience. I can’t wait to meet you all… welcome home Knights!

Written by Paul McAndrew

Rahul “For the Culture” Lobo
My name is Rahul Lobo and I’m a sophomore living in the 1 North Quad. Though my roots are Indian, I’ve lived out most of my years in Dubai. Adjusting as an international student hasn’t been easy but I’m blessed to have been paired with “Stinky” Pete Oliver hailing from another culture melting pot in the world – Boise, Idaho. I’m pleased to share that in the 15-hour flights to Dubai and back, I’ve managed to write a host of books including a bestselling autobiography titled ‘Surviving the Arctic: A Notre Dame story”. At Notre Dame, I’m an International Economics and Spanish major with a minor in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (If it seems like my strategy for picking undergraduate programs is to choose the ones that have the longest names, you are most definitely right). Aside from stu(dying) with classwork, I spend most of my time here harmonizing with other humans, learning how to throw a spiral on the quad and wearing multiple layers of clothing. If you would ever like to play Mario Kart or discuss the current state of Global Affairs, the 1 North Quad will always be open to you guys. Welcome to Keenan Hall – Stanford’s Big Brother Dorm!

John “JP” Lynch

How YOU doin’?  Yo, it’s me, J.P.!  I am so psyched to do be one of your 2019 Welcome Weekend Ambassadors!  For those of whom that don’t know me, (who am I kidding you all know me) I am the pride and joy of Long Island’s premiere private, Catholic, all-dudes high school: Chaminade.  Although I have hung out with predominantly entirely dudes all my life, I’d like to say I have a knack for sweeping the ladies right off their feet with my killer playlists (covered later).  Anyway, I am a 6-foot plus 190 minus sophomore business major that enjoys basketballs (yep every single one of ‘em) : St. John’s Basketball, Notre Dame Basketball, UNC Basketball, and last but certainly not least, Chaminade High School Basketball.  When I’m not going to Moreau Hoops on Wednesday Nights or talking incessantly about how “if we get this recruit ND will make the tournament,” I spend my days lighting up the rooms of Keenan Hall with my ultra sweet vibes on any one of my speakers. So, feel free to follow the music up to the third floor to check out where my “also-6-foot-yet-double-my-weight” and I live! I can’t wait to show you around our about average double.

Joey “12 Gauge” Tanaka (Far Right)
*Freeze frame* *Record scratch* Yep that’s me. My name’s Joey Tanaka, I’m from San Diego, California, and I guess you are wondering how I got this swoll. Well, I’ll tell you… being in the Navy ROTC you learn a thing or two about being a complete unit. In addition to my biceps, I like to work my brain muscles with my engineering homework. Can’t solve that physics problem set? No problem. I’ll spot you. Besides struggling to fit my muscles and brain through door frames, I like to preoccupy myself with only the finest selection of entertainment: Ball in the Family. #bigballerbrand If I had to choose I would be Lavar Ball. On a slightly serious note, I congratulations on being accepted to Notre Dame and welcome to the best dorm on campus! am excited to welcome you all to campus this year. Lastly, if you want to hit up the Grotto on Sunday night to start the week off right, I’m ya boi.                                                                              Written by: Daniel Lee (On the Left)

Leo “Giraffe” Schneider

Hey guys, it’s Leo! You should probably already know me from at least one of the six SIBC projects I was on last semester (all of which are hanging in the middle of my room), but really looking forward to getting to meet all of you. If you ever find yourself in need of a familiar face, I am easily identifiable by my long body typically found dancing/violently thrashing about to whatever it is playing in my headphones that would inspire a human to move in such a way. I plan on majoring in Mendoza as a finance major. Some hobbies of mine are hiking, finance, tennis, going to Chick fil A, and telling people I am a Mendoza finance major. Next year I’ll have roommates and be living in the 1Nip, and y’all should definitely make sure to come by.   

Written by Luke Sheridan-Rabideau

Peter “Stinky Pete” Oliver

Hello First Years. Congrats on being placed in Keenan Hall, the greatest dorm on campus. My name is Peter Olive, but everyone just calls me Stinky Pete. I’m from Boise, Idaho, which is in the middle of nowhere but at least we have potatoes. If you see me around Keenan I’ll probably be wearing a flannel and lacrosse shorts, although I have been known to dress up as Winnie the Pooh from time to time. I play on the Notre Dame club lacrosse team, enjoy skiing, and enjoy missing many three point shots during section basketball games. I’m a computer science major, so my long nights in the library consist of playing games on my computer, instead of doing homework. Don’t be afraid to stop by the 1N Nip, the “Pen1Nsula,” throughout the year to say hi or ask me about how I got a scar on my arm. I look forward to meeting all of your during Welcome Weekend! Go Knights!

Axell “The Axe Man” Komlan
Hello there! My name is Axell Komlan, the one and only, and I am so pumped to be one of your Welcome Weekend ambassadors next year! First and foremost , welcome to THE University of Notre Dame, the only other place beside Disneyland to count as the happiest place in the world. You guys could not have been any luckier to get into what is widely regarded as the best dorm residence in the history of all dorm residences: Keenan Hall! First, we are not Zahm (thanks the heavens), and second, you won’t find a dorm community as tight-knit and loving as Keenan. A little bit more about me: I’m a premed major with a theology minor, and my involvement involves being in the Questbridge community and Student Government. Next year I will be living in 1W “Office” with five other great Keenan Knights, so please feel free to stop by and chat; our door will always be open! When I’m not grinding away on orgo problems in the basement or study room, you’ll usually find me binge-watching shows like the Office, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, and the Good Place. I’m also the biggest MCU and Star Wars fanatic, so don’t be afraid to talk to me about these too! Welcome home!! GO Irish, GO Knights!!!

PJ “Florida Man” Brennan

What’s incoming Knights of Keenan!  This is PJ Brennan, one of your welcome weekend ambassadors this year.  I’m a rising sophomore and proud Florida boy.  I pride myself on my Southern charm and talent for throwing the pigskin.  Count on me to lead your section football team to a stellar season as long as we don’t run into a winless team in the first round of the playoffs.  I enjoy rocking flips flops until it snows, having to root for both Clemson and Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl, and dressing like a 40-year-old dad.  I’m a computer science major, but a Menbroza at heart, so I picked up a business double major. I will be living in 3w this year and serving as Keenan Hall Student Union Board rep after edging out ‘abstain’ for the position.  I’m really excited to meet you all, and can’t wait for a great year!

Luke “Chunk” Sheridan-Rabideau

What’s up beasts. Congratulations on your admittance into Notre Dame and, more importantly, Keenan Hall: the best dorm on campus. I’m a rising sophomore (yes, I got held back) majoring in Finance and Poly Sci – because when you have two last names you kind of need two majors. When I’m not in the classroom, I really enjoy Keenan sports, especially section football and basketball as well as interhall soccer and tennis. I hail from Kentucky but don’t let that make you think I’m some hillbilly. Last year, I revolutionized the Disco Roll — and casual wear — game by debuting a mink as part of my outfit. That’s honestly has been some of the best money I’ve spent since my Derby bet (or, as we call it in Mendoza, ‘investment’) on American Pharaoh. This year, I also have the honor and privilege to serve as Keenan Hall’s senator and am excited to represent the dorm for the upcoming months. My meticulously-researched advertisements, well-crafted diss track, and, as several Knight put it, “surprisingly good flow” allowed me to edge out the win in a competitive field.  This year, I’ll be in the 1N super quad along with Rahul “For the Culture” Lobo. If you want to talk about sports, greeNDot, or learn whatever this ‘DuLac’ thing is, always feel free to stop by. Hopefully I’ll be spending a bit more time in my room this year.

Written by Leo Schneider

Daniel “Dad” Lee

He is a Science pre-professional major with a history minor and when not sleeping with his Orgo textbook on his futon, Daniel Lee can be found singing with the acapella group Unchained Melodies. His talent for music is matched only by his talent for poetry. A fiend on the basketball court whose three-point percentage is actually higher than his lay-up percentage especially in the final seconds where he has yet to miss a three. Daniel attributes this to yelling Kobe every time he shoots. The biggest power move Daniel has pulled off during his time in Keenan was asking his RA’s girlfriend to Revue formal. Although it did not work out, he was invited to her watch party for the Bachelor which begs the question, which is more important? Also if you have any questions about being pescatarian, Daniel is the man to talk to. He spent a whole month eating fish from the dining hall (the jury is still out about whether it is fish or not). Watch out for your jellybeans around this guy or you are liable to have all your champagne flavor ones eaten.

Written by Joey Tanaka