Cable Television/TV

All rooms are equipped with Comcast Cable TV service at no extra charge. Special services (HD/DVR) can be ordered, but all of your favorite (ESPN, Comedy Central, etc.) channels are available for free. No satellite dishes are allowed. No extra equipment is needed to enjoy the basic cable, but please bring your own TV cable.

The Apple TV has been reported to not work with the school internet.

Telephone/Cell Phone

Though it may seem like we are in the middle of nowhere, Notre Dame and its surrounding areas receive 4G/LTE signals from major U.S. carriers including AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint and Verizon. Some companies give a pretty nice discount to Notre Dame students, so we suggest you check out this link:

Additionally, Notre Dame provides an in-room telephone service at $161 per semester.


By now, you should have a netID and a password (NOTE: a netID is different from an NDID. NDID only consists of numbers, and you probably won’t use it very often). Your netID is required to access your school email and to connect to secured wireless network on campus.

There are two wireless networks to worry about: nd-guest and nd-secure. The nd-guest network does not require any form of authentication. We recommend using the nd-secure network for added security.

Wired internet is also available within each dorm room. Just make sure to bring your own ethernet cable!


Most likely, you will not need your own personal printer. There is a printer in Keenan’s basement and many more in other buildings. Students receive a$90.00 printing credit. Black-and-white prints are 6 cents per page. Color prints are 50 cents per page. Chances are you will not exhaust your credit, but if you need more, you can always visit Debartolo Hall with cash or check.

We suggest you installing printND drivers before you reach the campus to have one fewer thing to do!

Refer to OIT Help Page for more information. If you are having trouble, please email Paul Kim, or he can help during the first few days of school.

While by no means necessary, personal printers are pretty nice. Just know that, if you are bringing a wireless printer, it will not work with school’s WiFi. You will need to your own wireless router.

Gaming Systems

These are a great way to make new friends! While they will work with WiFi, we recommend bringing a LAN/Ethernet cable (10-feet or so).