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About Us

Welcome to Active Learning in the Libraries!

This site is dedicated to improving and enhancing library instruction.

That’s pretty vague, isn’t it?  Guess I should narrow this down a little.

At this time, I am especially focusing on “open” technologies that could be used to enhance library instruction and/or other library services.  There are so many resources available and it is difficult to sift through them all.  I am hoping that this could be a place for sharing new finds as well as new instructional methods.

Sooo – please amble up to the Active Learning bar and share some of your Information Literacy stories.  Was there a particular metaphor that helped make the distinction between searching the catalog and searching for articles clear?  How does the refrigerator and its containers work for describing databases?  What makes sense to your students?  What leaves them with a glaze in their eyes?

Check out the Information Literacy Instruction at the Rice-Aron Library Research Bar!



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  1. G Christopher Clark says:

    I love the photo