Research Interests

Custom Synthesis of Metal/Porous Nanoparticles
Plasmonic nanoparticles include silver and gold. Metal oxides include iron and the lanthanide-series elements of gadolinium, cerium, and hafnium. Porous nanoparticles are silica-based or polymeric micelles.

Assessing in vitro toxicity of nanoparticles on murine and human cell lines. In vivo toxicity was assessed in zebrafish models, and in vivo biodistribution was assessed in mouse models.

Biomedical Image Contrast Agents
Plasmonic, fluorescence, MRI, and X-ray modalities of detection in a mouse animal model. Single-mode and multi-mode detections.

Precision Nanoprobes
Antibody, affibody, biologics mediated targeting. Volume loaded therapeutics, photosensitizers and radiosensitizers. This is applicable to cancer biology and neurodegenerative disease studies.

Molecular Nanotechnology
Utilizing anisotropic and hybrid nanoparticle architectures to introduce directionality in motion, precisely orienting targeting molecules and directed exertion of force by nanosystems. Anisotropic nanoparticles can be ‘Janus’ hybrids or non-spherical nanoparticles and includes rods, plates, prisms, and core-shells.