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Aug 30

Nanoparticles that act as an “ON and OFF” switch to improve the safety and effectiveness of CAR-T cancer therapy

Always thankful for the internal support from Notre Dame Research #notredameresearch for supporting high risk-high gain projects such as mine. Here’s hoping that my faculty research support program initiation grant (FRSP-IG) #FRSP will pave the way for safer, more accessible CAR-T therapies and better quality of life for patients. The biggest bottle neck in Chimeric …

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Nov 05

Dual Mode CT/Fluorescence Detectable Immunotargeted Nanoparticle Probes to Identify Self-Renewing Cancer Cells In Vivo

Statement of Purpose: The high mortality and poor prognosis for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer is mainly due to late diagnosis. Improved detection of primary tumors and recurring tumors after chemotherapy is, therefore, crucial to reduce ovarian cancer mortality and improve progression-free survival. However, current clinical screening and diagnostic imaging methods are limited by low …

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