Poster & Educause Blog Post: NGDLE Learning Analytics: Gaining a 360-Degree View of Learning

The Educause Blog Post:
Miller, Patrick, Duan, Xiajing (2018) “NGDLE Learning Analytics: Gaining a 360-Degree View of Learning” Educause Review.

One key part of the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment involves the need for a central repository for learning analytics.

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Pushing the Frontiers of the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

Ambrose, G. Alex, Abbott, Kevin, Lanski, Alison (2017) “Under the Hood of a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment in Progress” Educause Review.

Key Takeaways

*A first-year experience course at the University of Notre Dame offered the opportunity to develop and test a next generation digital learning environment.

*As a guiding framework for the digital architecture of the new FYE course, the design team followed the five dimensions of an NGDLE described in an ELI report to close the gaps between current learning management tools and digital learning environments.

*The FYE course required innovating beyond the supplemental course-level learning management system to create a more holistic NGDLE in order to fully support the teaching, learning, and student success missions of the program.

*Because they used an open-source LMS, they had a flexible hub with a campus support staff that could quickly, inexpensively, and safely begin to innovate at scale without high vendor cost or long development times.


Integrative Student Assessment in the First Year Experience through Analytics, Digital Portfolios, and Badges


In the academic year 2015-2016, the First Year of Studies in collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs launched the Moreau First Year Experience, a two-semester course sequence designed to assist first-year students in making a meaningful transition to collegiate life at Notre Dame. In our inaugural year of Moreau First Year Experience, we were able to collect, store, and analyze student data through Sakai and ePortfolio submissions in collaboration with the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning and Office of Information Technologies (OIT). The data are used to provide interventions for students with at-risk performances and show how students meet course goals of integrative learning and increasing sophistication in the use of technologies (audio, image, and video) through voluntary digital badges. In this presentation, we will show how the two spectra of interventions and celebration of exemplar work are being used to enhance the value of the Moreau First Year experience course.  The Moreau First Year Experience has significant campus-wide impact because it involves students and instructors from all university disciplines and will soon be the one academic experience common to all students at Notre Dame. As such, the Moreau First Year Experience is a uniquely powerful way to study and analyze successful student behavior.


Dawson, Maureen, Ambrose G. Alex, Lanski, Alison, Anggara, Trunojoy, Dillon, John (2016) “Integrative Student Assessment in the Moreau First Year Experience through Analytics, Digital Portfolios, and Badges” Association of Authentic, Experiential, and Evidenced-based Learning (AAEEBL) Midwest Regional Conference. Notre Dame, Indiana.  

About the Conference:

The Kaneb Center for Teaching & Learning, in partnership with the Open Badges in Higher Education, is hosting the Association of Authentic Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Midwest Regional Conference on Wednesday May 11 and Thursday May 12, 2016. Click here for more details about the conference, program, and registration.