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Ambrose, G. Alex, Abbott, Kevin, Lanski, Alison (2017) “Under the Hood of a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment in Progress” Educause Review.

Ambrose, G. Alex, Anthony, Elizabeth, & Clark, G. Chris (2016) “Digital Badging in the MOOC Space” Educause Review.

Book Chapter contribution to: Eynon, Bret, and Laura M. Gambino. (2017) High-Impact ePortfolio Practice: A Catalyst for Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning. Stylus Publishing.

Clark, G. Chris, Ambrose, G. Alex (2017) “Unbundling with Digital Badges: A Personalized Approach to Faculty Development” Educause Conference: ELI Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas.

Clark, G. Chris, Ambrose, G. Alex, Mettetal, Gwynn. Sullivan, Robin, (2017) “Digital badges and educational development” Event co-sponsored by the Teaching with Technology: Special Interest Group of the Professional and Organizational (POD) Network and the State University of New York Center for Professional Development, Webinar recording:  Video

U.S. State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) (Awarded 2016) “University of Notre Dame Partnership with Afghanistan’s Balkh University to Design, Train Deliver, & Assess a new Master’s Degree in Finance & Accounting” [$1.15 million]

Notre Dame News, “Notre Dame partners with Balkh University in Afghanistan to develop master’s program under $1.15 million USAID contract” (2016)

University Business Magazine “Badge breakthroughs: Micro-credentials awarded for in-demand skills give employers deeper detail about a student’s abilities” (2017)

University Business Magazine “Higher ed’s digital showcase: How colleges and universities use ePortfolios to promote the work of students and institutions” (2016).

Clark, G. Chris, Ambrose, G. Alex, Mettetal, Gwynn. Sullivan, Robin, Pedersen, David (2016) “Digital badges and educational development” Professional & Organizational Development (POD) Annual Conference, Louisville, KY.

Ambrose, G. Alex, Anthony, Elizabeth, DeJaegher, Duan, Xiaojing, Crystal, Dillon, John (Pending 2016) “Examining Digital Badge Impact on Learners’ Profiles, Performance & Perceptions in a Massive Open Online Course” ACM Learning At Scale L@S, Edinburgh

Nirandika Wanigasekara, John Dillon, Nigel Bosch, Alex Ambrose, Bikram Sengupta, Malolan Chetlur, Sidney D’Mello (Pending, 2016) “Describing Student Emotions and MOOC Retention.”, Educational Data Mining International Conference.

Lindstrom, Amelia, Wojtalik, Luke, CappelloLee, Jeremy, Holguin, Evan, Munro, Matthew Capdevielle, Matthew, Ambrose, Alex, Dillon, John (Pending, 2016). “Retention as a New Metric for Writing Center Assessment and Development.” IWCA @ CCCC Collaborative, Houston.

Munro, Matthew, CappelloLee, Jeremy, Holguin, Evan, Lindstrom, Amelia, Wojtalik, Luke, Capdevielle, Matthew, Dillon, John (Pending, 2016) “Historic Data and Smarter Writing Center Scheduling.” IWCA @ CCCC Collaborative, Houston.

Ambrose, G. Alex, Dillon, John, Wanigasekara, Nirandika, Chetlur, Malolan, Dey, Prasenjit, Sengupta, Bikram, D’Mello, Sidney (2016) “Student Affect during Learning with a MOOC” Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge. [Click here for the first draft of poster]

Ambrose, G. Alex, Myers, Dan, DeJaegher, Crystal, Duan, Xiaojing, Duan, Dillon, John (2015) “I Heart Stats MOOC Learning Analytics: What, Why, & How” University of Notre Dame’s Office of Digital Learning Digital Week.

Dillon, John, Ambrose, G. Alex, Everaldo, Aguiar, Wanigasekara, Nirandika, Sengupta, Bikram, Cheltur, D’Mello, Sidney (2015) “Affective Learning Analytics: Predicting Student Emotion in Massive Open Online Courses” Learning with MOOCs Workshop. Columbia University  [Click here for the poster]

Ambrose, G. A., & Chen, H. L. (2015). 360° Folio Networking: Enhancing Advising Interactions and Expanding Mentoring Opportunities with ePortfolios. Theory Into Practice, 54(4), 317-325.

Aguiar, E., Ambrose, G. A., Chawla, N. V., Goodrich, V., & Brockman, J. (2014).Engagement vs Performance: Using Electronic Portfolios to Predict First Semester Engineering Student Retention. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1 (3) 7-33.

Nwanganga, Frederick, Aguiar, Everaldo, Ambrose, G. Alex, Goodrich, Victoria, Chawla, Nitesh. (2014)  “Qualitatively Exploring Electronic Portfolios: A Text Mining Approach to Measuring Student Emotion as an Early Warning Indicator.” Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge. [Click here for Poster Presentation]

Goodrich, Victoria., Aguiar, Everaldo, Ambrose, G. Alex., McWilliams, Leo, Brockman, Jay, & , Chawla, Nitesh. (2014) “Integration of ePortfolios into First-Year Experience Engineering Course for Measuring Student Engagement” Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Conference. [Runner Up for Best Paper]

Aguiar, E., Chawla, N. V., Brockman, J., Ambrose, G. A., & Goodrich, V. (2014).Engagement vs Performance: Using Electronic Portfolios to Predict First Semester Engineering Student Retention. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Learning Analytics And Knowledge. Pages 103-112. [Top 3 Conference Best Paper]