2014 Team Photo

2014 Team Picture (small)

Pictured (from left to right):
Top- Brennan Lanier, Mike Lorenzen, Jon Leslie, Andrew O’Donnell, Devin Stalker, Sarah Cullen, Emma-Kate Conlin

Bottom- Jason Koncsol, Luke Tilmans, Doug Ansel, August Kunkel, Tom Frederick, John Pratt, David Berno, Jim Snitzer, James Pratt

Not Pictured:
Josh Corcoran, Paige Handy, Sam Melgar K, Joe Mueller

Spring Training Day 3

After a flat, transitional ride Sunday, ND headed to the mountains on Monday afternoon. 90 miles, 10,200 ft of climbing, and 5.5 hours later, Pratt couldn’t sit on chairs, Magro was mixing chocolate milk without chocolate, and Snitzer was making weird noises on the floor. A success on all accounts! James Pratt and Tom Frederick also rode well today, with Tom realizing he climbed a mountain longer than the total distance of most of his MWCCC road races!

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