Interviewing and Networking Strategies for International Students

Finding a job or internship can be a confusing and challenging process.  While employers may be looking for applicants with diverse experience and the ability to speak more than one language, searching for a position as an international student can involve additional challenges. For networking and interviewing purposes, you need to be able to describe your researching in a succinct, clear, and interesting way.

What is Networking?

In its truest form, networking is when people meet to exchange ideas, information, and contacts. It can take place in a formal networking meeting, an office, an airplane, bar, holiday party—anywhere two people are talking and building a relationship.  The topic of conversation is irrelevant as long as people are building a rapport, a level of trust, or a bond with each other.  Networking should NOT been seen as a one-way street where you do all the asking and your contacts provide all the help and resources. You should be open to, and offer to, repay the kindness that has been extended to you by your contacts if they should ever need your assistance.  Right now, you may not think you have much to offer your networking contacts, but you do and you will in the future.

Networking and Interviewing Notes

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