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Monthly Archive for January, 2013

A Primer on Critical Thinking

The following entry from the 2012-2013 Teaching Issues Writing Consortium: Teaching Tips was contributed by Valerie Lopes, PhD, Professor, Centre for Academic Excellence, Seneca College, Canada. ————————————————————————————————————– Critical Thinking: A well-cultivated critical thinker: raises vital questions and problems, formulating them clearly and precisely; gathers and assesses relevant information, and effectively interprets it; comes to well-reasoned […]

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Considering mentoring an undergraduate researcher this semester? “…undergraduate research opportunities [in STEM fields] help clarify students’ interest in research and encourage students who hadn’t anticipated graduate studies to alter direction toward a Ph.D.” – Russel et al. (2007) Many faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students find themselves mentoring an undergraduate researcher at some point in […]

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As you finalize your first day of class agenda, remember that making “critical connections” (Kreizinger, 2006) is one way to begin creating a positive classroom climate.  This approach focuses on making connections rather than giving directions.  The goals of the first class session are to connect students to the instructor, connect the instructor to the […]

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