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Monthly Archive for November, 2018

Revisiting Review Sessions

This post is adapted from a November 2015 post by Joseph Michalka. With the semester drawing to a close and final exams approaching, review sessions are sure to be at the front of your student’s minds. While typically not as focused as a regular lecture, review sessions can help students draw connections between the various […]

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The following entry was adapted from an earlier post from the 2013-2014 Teaching Issues Writing Consortium: Teaching Tips; it was contributed by Belinda Richardson and Debi Griffin, Bellarmine University. ————————————————————————————————————– Whether you are hoping to finish strong as the semester comes to a close or simply strategizing how to keep your students active and engaged […]

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* Today’s post comes from the 2018-19 Teaching Issues Writing Consortium, a collaboration of over 40 institutions of higher-education. Author information is included below * A common complaint of faculty is that their students are unmotivated to learn. It does seem at times that our most brilliant lecture or most well-designed homework assignment just elicits […]

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