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Monthly Archive for February, 2013

Are you interested in learning more about discipline-specific teaching and learning in the university setting? The university offers short credit-bearing summer graduate courses on university teaching and learning in various fields!  Consider taking one of this year’s courses: GRED 60612: Effective and Exciting Teaching in Social Sciences and Humanities GRED 60640: Designing and Teaching Your […]

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The following entry from the 2012-2013 Teaching Issues Writing Consortium: Teaching Tips was contributed by Michaella Hammond, Assistant Director for Instructional Design, Saint Louis University. ————————————————————————————————————– Teaching writing online may seem intuitive for many faculty given all of the writing that actually happens in online courses – discussion boards, peer-review projects, research papers, and more. […]

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Debate in the Classroom

What is debate? Debate is defined as  “a formal discussion where two opposing sides follow a set of pre-agreed rules to engage in an oral exchange of different points of view on an issue” (Akerman and Neale 2011).  Incorporation of debate into the classroom has been shown to (1) improve academic attainment, (2) develop critical […]

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