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Are you interested in learning more about discipline-specific teaching and learning in the university setting? The university offers short credit-bearing summer graduate courses on university teaching and learning in various fields!  Consider taking one of this year’s courses:

GRED 60612: Effective and Exciting Teaching in Social Sciences and Humanities

GRED 60640: Designing and Teaching Your First Biology or Chemistry Course

GRED 60501: Teaching Engineering Tutorials and Laboratories

GRED 60601: Preparing for an Academic Career in Physics, Math, and Engineering

GRED 60301: Multi-modal Communications: Sharing Your Research with Multiple Audiences

GRED 60642: Active Teaching and Learning

GRED 60610: How to Teach Effectively and Prepare for an Academic Career in the Humanities and Social Sciences

For more information visit : http://kaneb.nd.edu/programs/graduate-courses-in-university-teaching-and-learning-gred/ and see the 2013 brochure at http://kaneb.nd.edu/assets/94114/2013brochure.pdf

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