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Monthly Archive for October, 2013

This Friday, James M. Lang (Assumption College) will be on campus to discuss his recent book Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty (Harvard University Press, 2013). In his book, Dr. Lang outlines how our current academic environment can unintentionally incentivize cheating and suggests ways to overcome this while encouraging student learning. For more information, check out this recent interview with Dr. […]

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Highlights from the Preparing for the Academic Job Market Series The Kaneb Center in collaboration with the Graduate School Professional Development Team recently offered the Preparing for the Academic Job Market Series.  Below are a few highlights from the series, just in case you could not attend.   Preparing for the Academic Job Market I: […]

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Mid-Semester Student Feedback

Gathering early-semester or mid-semester student feedback allows instructors to gauge what is working well in the course and determine what adjustments might need to be made.  There are several reasons for incorporating early-semester feedback into your course design and plan:  The information can be used to make changes during the current course. Students feel empowered […]

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