Lawrence C. Marsh (author)

Lawrence C. Marsh

Lawrence C. Marsh is professor emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Notre Dame. [1.] He served in 2010 as visiting professor of econometrics and statistics in the MBA program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, [2.] and in 2016-2017 at Avila University in statistics and research methods in psychology. [3.] He has written/co-written hundreds of publications including several books and many articles in a wide variety of professional journals as well as numerous newspaper columns. [4.]

Personal Life
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Marsh attended public schools in Westfield, NJ until 3rd grade when his mother (an immigrant from England) contracted tuberculosis, and he was sent to Nyack Boys School, [5.] an old Dutch mansion converted into a private boarding school on the Hudson River near the Tappan Zee Bridge just north of New York City. For junior high school and high school he attended The Lawrenceville School, [6.] a prep school two miles from Princeton, NJ. He earned his bachelors (BA) degree at the College of Wooster [7.] in Ohio, a masters (MA) degree at Michigan State University, and a doctoral (Ph.D.) degree also at Michigan State University. [8.]

Marsh taught graduate and undergraduate economics at Notre Dame for 30 years beginning in 1975. In 1990 he co-founded the Midwest Econometrics Group, [9.] which he directed for 15 years. He served as Director of Notre Dame’s Ph.D. program in economics for 13 years. He has contributed to hundreds of publications including articles in the Journal of Econometrics, [10.] Marketing Science, [11.] Statistics in Medicine [12.] and many other professional journals as well as numerous newspaper columns, book chapters and books.

He has also worked in business operations and management in the Aerospace Industry and for an internet advertising and online auction company. He has contributed to the Kansas City Star online edition as an independent Midwest Voices columnist. [13.]

After serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam, [14.] he returned home to take a job with Bendix Corporation’s Aerospace Division [15.] as subcontract administrator and contract personnel administrator on the Apollo Moon Landings Mission, the Earth Resources Technology Satellite and a number of classified military projects. He worked at the internet advertising company Adknowledge, Inc. [16.] where he served as the head of analytics for banner targeting and as “statistical design strategist” in devising algorithms that send billions of banner ads to websites all over the internet. Marsh also served as “angel investor” in Profology, [17.] a social media internet website for college and university professors.

In teaching he won the James A. Burns award for excellence in graduate teaching in 1990-1991 and was an O’Malley Award Nominee for undergraduate teaching in 1995-1996. In 2002-2003 he was selected as a Kaneb Faculty Teaching Fellow for excellence in teaching. [18.] He has served on 78 Ph.D. dissertation committees and has given several thousand lectures in graduate and undergraduate statistics, econometrics, mathematical economics, microeconomic theory and research methods in psychology. [19.] In quasi-retirement he spends his time writing and editing a variety of articles, books and newspaper columns.

His books range from the narrow, technical: “Spline Regression Models” [20.] (published in both English and Chinese) to the wide-ranging: “Brain on Fire” [21.] which compiles eighty-one columns he wrote for the Kansas City Star. Earlier work includes his writing in “Two Paychecks: Life in Dual-Earner Families (Ch. 5: Hours Worked by Husbands and Wives).” [22.] His latest book: “Optimal Money Flow: A New Vision on How a Dynamic-Growth Economy Can Work for Everyone” [23.] is published by Avila University Press. [24.]

Personal Life
On August 23, 1969 he married Janet K. Marsh who later served as city editor of The Ypsilanti Press, The Niles Daily Star, and The South Bend Tribune before becoming assistant managing editor at The South Bend Tribune. [25.] They lived in South Bend, Indiana from 1975 until 2005 when they moved in retirement to Kansas City, Missouri.


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