Mobile Tour Locations

Mobile TourSomething that has bothered us since the beginning of the redesign was the fact that the large feature images displayed on tablet/desktop devices did not have a similar feature for mobiles. We chose not to include it in the mobile experience because the idea of showing large feature images didn’t translate well to the mobile experience. In an attempt to maintain feature parity, we have been working on ways to bring the tour locations as presented on desktops to mobiles, but to do so in a way that lends itself to the strengths of mobile devices.

To that end, we just released a beta feature for your testing pleasure. If you visit on a mobile device, you will see a button labeled “Campus Tour Locations”. Tapping that button will result in one of two scenarios.

You are currently off campus and/or deny to share your location

This will result in two random tour locations being displayed with the options to show the location on and to view more information.

You are currently on campus AND approve the sharing of your location

This will result in the display of the two tour locations that are nearest to your current location. You will also be provided with information showing which direction and how far. Also included are options for more information and walking directions. The feature will be limited by the accuracy of your device and the location it provides us.

Next Steps

We will continue to improve on this feature over the coming months. Of particular concern is that on occasion, especially when on wifi, your location may be placed far from where you really are on campus (the network seems to like placing people at Geddes Hall whether they’re there or not). We’ll be looking for ways to improve on this behavior. If you have any issues or have specific feedback on the feature, please let us know.