The most important part of this event is the students! Student presentations are the heart and soul of the conference, and we invite students to consider participating as a presenter. Students can present on their own or as part of a small team, and both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome.

What to Submit

To present, students should prepare and submit a proposal that fits one of the defined presentation formats and engages with the theme outlined in the call for proposals.  Students who want to present as a group should designate a single group member to submit their materials and serve as the group contact.

The submission form will require students to provide their name, school, email address and phone number, as well as a short biography (no more than 250 words), a presentation title, and an abstract of their project. The abstract should outline not only what they intend to present but also how they intend to present it (no more than 500 words). Students will be asked to identify their chosen presentation format and to offer a one-sentence “elevator pitch” of the main takeaway of their presentation.

Proposal Selection

Submitted proposals are read, scored and selected by a subcommittee of students from the conference organizing committee, then reviewed and confirmed by the committee co-chairs and their advisor.  Students who are selected to present will be notified by email of their invitation in early February and given a link to confirm their participation and register for the conference.

Proposals are evaluated based on relevance to peace studies and fit with the conference theme, the originality of the topic and its interest to a student audience, and the quality of the presentation outline and structure. Reviewers might also consider the overall diversity of topics submitted, the student’s level of experience on the subject, and the attention to audience engagement. These other factors do not automatically disqualify proposals, but if space is limited, they may be used to select between proposals of similar quality.