Tours Week 5

It’s already been five weeks! This past week has mostly been full of random little discoveries, like a really awesome coffee shop and a store full of affordable but gorgeous jewelry. Even though I’ve been here for five weeks, I can always find something new in Tours. That’s what I like about the size of it—it’s not so huge that it’s impossible to find my way around, but it’s big enough that I’m never bored just walking around.

The school week wasn’t much different from normal, although my Monday-Wednesday-Friday teacher has been coming up with some really creative exercises for us to do. For instance, on Wednesday she pinned pieces of paper to the wall with random things like the five senses or the four elements written on them, and we had to go over to our “favorite” and explain why we chose it. One of the prompts was literally just “yes” or “no,” so we had some fun with that one.

I also had a dream in French this week. I’m taking that as a sign that I’m really integrated with the language by this point. I won’t go into the details of the dream since it was really weird, but at least it was in French.

Gearing up for my last week in Tours! I’m leaving on Saturday, so my last blog post will have to go up either before I leave or after I get back to the United States, but I’ll be sure to talk about how this week goes.

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