China Second Week

After the second week in China, I feel like I have a good feel for what daily life is going to be like.  There is still not a whole lot of free time during the week just because of the workload, but its manageable.  Our first trip was to the Great Wall, which was beautiful.  There were quite a few other people there, but it wasn’t too crowded.  It was a bit of a walk to reach the wall itself, but once there the view made it well worth it.  The amount of effort and resources that it must have take to construct it is unimaginable even today, let alone hundreds and hundreds of years ago.  It was also something to consider how many people must have died making it.


We have Friday activities that I’m not too much of a fan of, but it’s not the worst.  They generally consist of familiarizing ourselves with Chinese culture in some way or another, whether it be talking to random people about the college entrance exam they have there, or just exploring campus.  On the weekends Wudaokou is generally the place to hangout, it seems like its kind of tailored to college students.  I also went to an area called Tuanjiehu with a lot of expatriates, where you can get some fairly authentic American food, just definitely more expensive than the dining hall.

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