Blog 4

Life in Beijing is nothing if not consistent.  The excitement from the trip to Xi’an has worn off, and it is time to begin the second textbook of the summer.  It is exciting to look back at the progress we all have made so far, yet daunting to see how far we have yet to go.   It is satisfying to leave campus on weekends and evenings, for it allows you to practice what you are learning every morning in class, and reassure yourself of your progress. 

The sheen of life in a new country has given way to an acceptance of routine.  I no longer consider myself a tall American strolling about campus, but more integrated into the college life here at Peking University.  Meals are still a problem faced sometimes, as bad experiences in ordering food at one of the dining halls has temporarily excluded it from the meal options.  If there is one thing I am missing right now about America, it is the food.  However, there are other options, and it is not a pressing problem. 

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