Peking University Campus

7.3.16 iPhone 159

Boyata Pagoda on Weiming Lake #RuleOfThirds

7.3.16 iPhone 196-min

Me with a Stone Lion, one of China’s national symbols

7.3.16 iPhone 219-min

Me staring into the distance #aesthetic

7.3.16 iPhone 313-min

Me with friends in front of PKU Library (No Jesus, but still very nice)

7.3.16 iPhone 459

View from my dorm on the clearest day. You can see one of PKU’s science buildings in the fore, and on the left side, you can see the Summer Palace Pagoda in the distance.

7.3.16 iPhone 671

A science classroom building seen on the way to class everyday. This style of modern architecture could be found all around campus.

7.3.16 iPhone 685

The interior of Paradiso Cafe, where I went for good coffee and free Wifi.

7.3.16 iPhone 719


7.3.16 iPhone 732

Our classroom building

7.3.16 iPhone 746-min

A fruit stand, one of many shops around campus

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