New Host Family

July 9, 2016

Everything is going very well! I recently moved into my new host family’s house. Instead of a standard Japanese suburb like my last family, I am now living right on the ocean in a small fishing village section of Hakodate. The view from the window during meals is remarkable!


My new host mom and dad are in their seventies, but they are very active! My host mom still hikes Mount Hakodate regularly. Also, she is a licensed chef in Hokkaido. All the meals are amazing!

I miss my previous host family, but, luckily, my new family is extremely nice and fun. I am looking forward to spending more time with them as the program proceeds.

The homework is still difficult, but I am now living with a roommate who is in a higher class than me. I hope he can help me with some of the more difficult concepts.



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