First week in Seoul

My first week in seoul starting from visiting the school- Yonsei University. As one of the most famous universities in Seoul, Yonsei University has been put a great emphasis on international relations and their communications with students from the global scale.

Seoul Incheon International Airport

And this is a photo when I arrived at the Incheon International Airport, one of the most important airline transfer spot in Asia. There are many airport shuttles provided at the airport and we were able to take the bus to Yonsei University easily. Ewha Women's University

When we arrived at Yonsei, we also saw the Ewha Women’s University located just a street across the Yonsei University. In Seoul, interestingly, many businesses and fun places are located around the university area. For example, there’s Ewha Women’s Street beside Ewha University, and Sinchon beside Yonsei, also Donguk University and Hongik University also have fun places to visit.

Ewha Library

Another famous place around Yonsei is the Ewha Library, which is an underground library with great design and reputation. Many tourists come and visit the library during our visit. The library has glasses around and stairs for people to rest and visit.

My first week at Yonsei is very fun and interesting. People here are nice and friendly, too. There are many differences between Yonsei and Notre Dame – Yonsei is located at the center of the city of Seoul, where you have a lot to explore and visit when you are free. Also there’s the kind of university culture around the campus, where you could experience the life of Korean students.Moreover, the intensive Korean language class every day also improves my Korean to a great extend. I love both Yonsei and the city it is located – Seoul!

I believe that my 6 weeks here will be a great and unforgettable experience in my life!