Canvas Champions

I really like the Canvas quiz functionality.  It has a built-in LaTeX editor that allows me to build all of my mathematically based quizzes right in Canvas.  It’s very nice to be able to go to the gradebook and see who hasn’t turned something in and very easily email them a little nudge to remind them to turn their assignment in before the deadline.
Victoria Woodard, ACMS

Paul Blaschko

Canvas has been fairly intuitive to use, and provides many great tools to help organize and teach my classes. My favorite features are the rubric-creating tool, which allows you to build interactive rubrics that you can then attach to particular assignments, and the quiz function. Both of these are fully integrated with Canvas’s gradebook, which saves me a lot of time and effort while grading.
Paul Blaschko, Philosophy

Jennifer Cronin

I LOVE Canvas!! At first I was a little intimidated, as anyone would be when learning a new system, but it took no time to learn my way around it. The grading tool is my top fav—being able to have students upload assignments and me grade them in Canvas (no downloading) makes it so quick. I can leave feedback multiple ways (writing on their submitted work, uploading comments, even recording my voice), which is great for tailoring it towards different types of assignments.
-Jennifer Cronin, Management & Organization

Xiaojing Duan

What I like most about Canvas is its quiz reports. It shows statistics for the entire quiz and individual items. The stats on individual items include the difficulty index, discrimination index, and the correlation between an item and the total quiz score. They inform me of the effectiveness of the questions on measuring students’ mastery of the content and provide insights on the improvement of the quiz design. The reports also include an answer frequency summary, which tells me the common mistakes made by students.
-Xiaojing Duan, IT, Analytics and Operations