Canvas Legends Award

Canvas Legends” are student-driven recognition of Notre Dame faculty utilizing Canvas LMS and/or its integrated tools above and beyond for teaching and learning. Students have submitted their nominations of courses/faculty for their exceptional use of Canvas, and the Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) team recognizes selected faculty as “Canvas Legends.”

The inaugural celebration of Notre Dame’s Canvas Legends can be viewed HERE.

Badge for Canvas Legends

The OIT Teaching and Learning Technologies is proud to recognize the following faculty for AY 2023-2024:

Jason Reed (Finance) for Organization/Clarity

Katherine Walden (American Studies) for Use of Canvas Features

Kathryn Mulholland (Mathematics) for Aesthetics/Design

Trenton Agrelius (Biological Sciences) for Communication & Feedback

Maria Holland (Engineering) for a high Accessibility Score

“Canvas Legends” have been recognized by students in the following categories:

Organization/Structure/Clarity & Accessibility

  • Provides an intuitive navigation or pathway for students to find needed resources, assignments, and class materials, reducing student confusion and stress.
  • Designs a clear structure of their Canvas homepage, noted by students as being useful in terms of class study and assignment planning.
  • Creates a user-friendly layout, with accessible materials, assignments, and resources within Canvas.

Proficient Use of Canvas Features

  • Creates a seamless learning experience by utilizing various Canvas features.
  • Provides a complete learning environment through their enhanced use of Canvas.

Communication & Feedback/Timeliness

  • Maintains clear communication with students while being reachable and responsive.
  • Provides useful and timely feedback and grades on assignments.
  • Provides timely posting and updating of course content.

Innovation & Aesthetics

  • Demonstrates innovative use of Canvas functionalities and seamless integration of external resources to enhance learning.
  • Enhances the overall student experience through aesthetic organization of Canvas pages.

Recipients of the Canvas Legends Award receive: