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January 2023 Teaching Well with Canvas Sessions

Please note that many sessions presented in January’s program were previously recorded and listed in the Fall 2022 sessions. While we did not record January’s events, you will find related recordings for the following in the Fall 2022 section below.

Canvas Basics
Assignments & SpeedGrader
Quizzes in Canvas
Gradebook Set-Up

Crafting Impactful Presentations, Randal Harrison
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Intro to Course Design and Modules, Crystal DeJaegher
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Canvas Plug-Ins: External Tools Available at Notre Dame, Laura Gekeler
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Fall 2022 Canvas Sessions

Teaching Well with Canvas Lunch & Learn: Accessibility in Canvas
November 17, 2022
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A look at students needs from Brent Fragnoli, assistant director, Accessibility Education & Outreach with Sara Bea, and ways that Canvas courses can be designed to more more accommodating for students. Included a brief look at applications such as NameCoach, Blackboard Ally and Yuga’s Panorama. 

Canvas Basics
August 17, 2022
A basic overview of the Canvas learning management system and will answer common questions from new users. We cover basic set-up for a new course site, including a brief introduction to assignments, quizzes and the gradebook.

Assignments & SpeedGrader
August 16, 2022
The Assignments tool is the heartbeat of a Canvas course. Creating Assignments means students are aware of due dates, have a place to turn in work, and receive feedback and grades. The SpeedGrader and DocViewer are built into the Assignments tool to make it simple for instructors to provide feedback and grades. Mastering these tools will give instructors an efficient workflow while providing valuable and timely feedback to students.

(Classic) Quizzes in Canvas
August 16, 2022
We discuss how to create a quiz or test in Canvas’ classic Quiz tool, the most common question types, feedback option, question pools and exceptions.

Gradebook Set-Up

August 16, 2022
The Canvas gradebook has several clever features that make grading and communicating with students easy. But gradebook set-up may not happen the way you think it would! We overview gradebook set-up that includes weighing categories, controlling visibility of grades, and special messaging of students.

Student Engagement with Canvas

August 15, 2022
Canvas offers several built-in and connected tools that you may consider utilizing in your courses to keep students engaged with you and your instructional content.  In this session, we review the following tools in the context of student engagement: Announcements, Profile Management, Flip (formerly Flipgrid), and Discussions.


August 16, 2022
Are you interested in organizing your course content for an improved student experience?  Do you want to understand the purpose of Modules and how they are different from pages?  In this session we review organizational strategies you can use with modules to serve up your course content to students.

August 16, 2022
This brief session provides an overview of Canvas Pages, including page creation, page management, and a selection of features available in Canvas’ rich content editor (RCE) to enhance your page content.

Using Panopto in Canvas
August 16, 2022
This session covers the basics of the Panopto Canvas connection, including locating your course folder, sharing video with your students, and embedding Panopto (and YouTube) videos into your course pages.

Spring 2022 Lunch Break Sessions

LUNCH BREAK: Getting Your Gradebook Ready for Final Grades
April 21, 2022
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This session takes a look at the Canvas Gradebook with an eye towards wrapping up the semester. The session will review setting up weighted categories, posting and displaying grades, and other considerations for confidently recording a final grade.

LUNCH BREAK: Using Canvas Quizzes for Final Exam/Summative Assessment
April 7, 2022
Supplemental Resources
This session covers settings and tips for using the Quizzes tool in Canvas to present a final exam, along with discussing ways to prevent or triage issues on test day.

LUNCH BREAK: Teaching Well with Zoom
March 10, 2022
In this session, presenters discuss the research behind the benefits of office hours, and how Zoom can be used to provide additional access and efficiencies.

LUNCH BREAK: Engaging Your Students with Peer Review
March 24, 2022
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Are you looking for ways to help students grow their skills when it comes to critiquing the work of others?  Would you like to assist them in their development of lifelong skills (e.g., preparing and receiving feedback, communicating with others effectively, collaboration) which translate to life outside of the classroom? This virtual session focuses on how Canvas’ peer review and rubric tools can facilitate the process. 

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