Teaching Well with… Semester Start-Up!

The OIT Teaching and Learning Technologies team provides their “Semester Start Up” prior to each semester as a way for faculty to access the team for consultations, presentations and workshops on Canvas and so much more! Whether faculty, staff or a TA, participants can attend as many sessions as they would like and enjoy a collegial space to plan for and prepare courses (or the courses they might support). 

Sessions are held IN PERSON, so that participants can take time to work on course sites during their time with us. Bring your own device, and we will bring breakfast treats, coffee, and lunch.

Registration is limited to 40 people in each session, so please register early!

The next Semester Start-Up will be held May 28-29, 2024.

Previous topics/ presentations have included:

Getting to Know Canvas 
Overall introduction to Canvas for new users, including account and profile details, navigation and basic use of a course site. Adding TA’s/users to your course.

Customize Your Canvas Dashboard
Want to hide courses you don’t need anymore? Have multiple sections of the same class that would be easier to identify if you could create a custom course card? This session will show you how to work with your Canvas Dashboard, as well as flex your creativity muscles with Adobe Express to differentiate your course identification cards. 

Improve Course Organization and Optimize the Learning Experience
Learn how to package your course materials and differentiate student learning using Canvas. Make it easier for students to find and engage with your course content!

Canvas Tools for Learning through Teaching
An established body of research demonstrates the power of learning through teaching. Most of us experienced this phenomenon when we became teachers, but it will deepen student learning as well. This session will provide a quick overview of the “learning-by-teaching” research and then introduce Canvas tools that would support in the classroom and in course assessments. 

How to Become a Canvas Legend!
“Canvas Legends” is a student-nominated recognition of Notre Dame faculty utilizing Canvas LMS and/or its integrated tools above and beyond for teaching and learning. Join us for lunch, to discuss the overall feedback students provided in their nominations, view some exemplary courses, and celebrate this year’s selected faculty.

Posting Grades and Feedback in Canvas
Student surveys confirm one thing – students value frequent feedback from instructors. This session will show you how to set up your Gradebook to keep students on track. We will look at how to interpret the Gradebook and talk through common concerns to give you confidence when using it.

Creating Assignments and Assessments 
The Assignment tool pulls double duty in Canvas:  creating assignments as well as setting up the Gradebook. Quizzes can easily be set up as a formative assessment. And Speedgrader brings it all together! 

Teaching in the Age of AI: Concerns and Opportunities
An introduction into the intersection of education and artificial intelligence.  It delves into how AI is reshaping the higher education landscape, highlighting opportunities and concerns from its increasing presence in teaching and learning.  Key topics include: ethical and privacy considerations, strategies for use, future trends, and challenges/solutions. 

Generative AI: The Basics
An overview of the AI landscape.

Teaching Critical AI Literacy
As AI systems become more sophisticated and accessible, it is imperative to acknowledge and address the issue of bias that can inadvertently permeate the generated content. In this session we will discuss the complexities of bias in generation algorithms, as well as strategies to mitigate and counteract these biases through assignments that provide students with the tools to use AI responsibly.

“AI and Academic Integrity”
The state of AI-related academic dishonesty, appropriate vs inappropriate student use of Gen AI, and what students need to know from you at the start of the semester. There will be time for questions and for sharing any pleasant surprises or frustrations you encountered in fall.

Empowering Educators with AI: Prompt Engineering for Course Design & Syllabus Development
Discover the potential of Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in assisting with course design and syllabus development. Our interactive workshop invites instructors to a demonstration and discussion session. Here, we’ll explore crafting effective prompts that harness AI’s capabilities, providing valuable support during the crucial final stages of course preparation days before the semester begins. Join us to learn, share, and innovate as we navigate the exciting intersection of AI and education.

Demo of Chat GPT, Image Generators, and AI Translators
We will walk you through the functionality and possibilities of three types of AI tools most commonly used by students.

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