Canvas Use Standard

The University of Notre Dame will implement and support one LMS that serves as foundational technology within the teaching and learning ecosystem. With the completion of its implementation (in Fall ‘22), Instructure’s Canvas will be the sole LMS supported by OIT.  

The primary use for Canvas is to serve as a platform for pedagogical excellence, transformational learning experiences, academic support endeavors and technology innovation serving teaching and learning at Notre Dame for degree-seeking students/programs.   

A secondary use for Canvas is as a platform for academic pursuits of non-degree seeking students/programs. This includes public facing courses and non-credit learning programs. In these cases, a separate instance of Canvas will be utilized. Appropriate costs are split according to head count and IT support requirements of each non-degree seeking program utilizing the service. 

The use of Canvas global navigation bar or banner ads should be limited to information directly impacting student academic success, the use of Canvas and/or the delivery of academic course content.   The Canvas system is not intended for general messaging to students or faculty about events, campus initiatives, and/or other offerings.

Last updated Aug. 27, 2022