Question: Pastoral Letters

The final stages of dissertation writing, as it turns out, are not conducive to a prolific blogging career. I do hope to have two posts up soon– one about voucher initiatives across the country and another about an excellent new book on parish closures.

However, I am writing today with a shameless plea.  In the course of my continuing research I have developed a question that seemed like it might be best answered by the Catholic Conversation’s readership.

If one were to be interested in tracking down all the pastoral letters ever written about Catholic education [or any other topic for that matter] in the United States… where might the best place to look be?


One thought on “Question: Pastoral Letters

  1. I’m not sure about the most recent pastoral letters, but there’s a 5 volume collection titled “Pastoral Letters of the United States Catholic Bishops” edited by Hugh Nolan. It’s from 1792 to 1988. Then there’s a volume 6 that includes 1989-1997 which is edited by Patrick Carey.