A Beautiful Comment


I love it when reader comments add elegance and beauty to the conversation.  Here’s a great example:

“Nice article.  Sisters deserve so much respect for the sacrifices they have made in choosing this vocation.   I always know for any crisis in life they have been there in prayer just a phone call away for me.  I hope we never forget their importance in the catholic church;  educators, nurses,  doctors,  missionaries,  and even when they’re elderly they keep us lifted in prayer.”

This comment made me think of Sister Olga, my second grade teacher at St. Alphonsus Parish (the Church pictured above) and all of the other sisters who have been there and supported me throughout my life.  Their impact is real.

One thought on “A Beautiful Comment

  1. I feel that both traditional and modern habit clothing are equally acceptable. What matters most is what is in the sisters hearts and their relationship with the Lord .