Stereotyping? We all do it, and you do it all of the time…

Julia Smucker, at Vox Nova, correctly points out that in critiquing bishops, we need to avoid stereotyping them.  Skipping to the end, her key point is that:

“there is an important distinction to be made between specific critiques and blanket stereotypes.  To suggest that the bishops may be mistaken or misguided on a particular point is sometimes justified, but to suggest that they are the enemy of social justice or of lay involvement or of women, or whatever other sweeping accusations are being thrown in their direction, is wildly inaccurate and divisive.

The bishops are not the enemy.  Partisan polarization is.”

BTW, Vox Nova is a new site I’ve begun reading, and I have put on the blogroll.  It’s worth checking out!

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