Advanced Wireless Networks

[October 15th, 2018] I will be teaching a course in the spring on Advanced Wireless Networks.  Should be an interesting run through basic networking, basic wireless, and WiFi / cellular with a few dashes of MANET (ad hoc), D2D, and low power.  The class will be offered at the graduate level only though undergraduates are welcome to inquire.  The class is primarily targeted at CSE and EE graduate students.  Will be a nice time for me personally to shore up a broader perspective on the various 3GPP releases outside of what occasional expert work here and there entails. Synopsis for the class is below:

The focus of this course will be to explore a complete stack view of the key challenges associated with wireless networks across a variety of contexts including: wireless fundamentals, historical and contemporary wireless standards, WiFi, cellular, low power, and device-to-device / ad hoc networks.  The course will explore seminal and contemporary research papers with a focus on the systems and performance aspects of wireless networking.  The course will culminate in experimentally-focused research projects utilizing wireless technologies.

Coming back soon from Dublin

My apologies to those whose e-mail got a bit delayed.  I will be back to the US with a slated return for July 1st and things getting back in full gear on the 5th.  Feel free to drop me a note at the office starting on the 5th and expect my response time to speed up significantly.

A huge thanks to the Dublin Summer Program staff which are simply amazing.  Teaching over here in Ireland has been grand and it has been a phenomenal experience.  Bit hectic with accreditation and spinning up a large grant but the scenery, people, and the craic are simply amazing.  Over far too soon but look for some fantastic picture once I have a chance to download everything across the various cameras I have been taking pictures with.