The 2017 Notre Dame Cycling Awards


2017 Legacy Awards: 

“Joe Magro Golden Cog Award” Winner: Tony Pratt

“Luke Tilmans Cool Shoes Award” Winner: David McKenna

“John Pratt Smile Award” Winner: Theresa Smart

“Jim Snitzer Hot Rod Mountain Award” Winner: Declan Kerwin (not pictured)

“Nathaniel Lee Award for Handsomeness” Winner: Ron Mau (not pictured)

2017 Team Awards: 

“Officer of the Year Award” Winner: Sarah Cullen (Treasurer)

“Teammate of the Year Award” Winner: Sam O’Melveny

“Rookie of the Year Award” Winner: John Caffarelli

“Most Improved Rider of the Year Award” Winner: Anthony Hall (not pictured)

“Manager of the Year Award” Winner: Christine Pajewski (not pictured)

2017 Senior Awards: 

“David McKenna GoPro Award for Innovation and Technology” Winner: Zach Llorens                                                                                         

“Sarah Cullen Best Female Rider Award” Winner: Kate Ginsbach (not pictured) [notable accomplishment: 2017 Fat bike National Champion]

“James Pratt Dunked On Sprint Award” Winner: Sam O’Melveny




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Notre Dame Cycling Classic 2017

Schedule of Events:
Men’s D  8:30 AM    (30 minute race)

Women’s C  9:15 AM  (30 minute race)

Men’s C  10:00 AM  (30 minute race)

Women’s B  10:45 AM  (30 minute race)

Men’s B  11:45 AM  (45 minute race)

Women’s A  12:45 PM  (45 minute race)

Men’s A  1:45 PM  (60 minute race)