Purdue Results

The team raced this past weekend at Purdue in West Lafayette, IN. After some more top finishes, the Irish sit in 2nd in the team omnium and 1st in DII . Men’s A riders Jim Snitzer and John Pratt both sit in the top 10 of the individual omnium. The next race of the season is next weekend and Lindenwood in St. Charles, MO. Here are results from ND riders at Purdue:

Team Time Trial:

Men’s D- 1st

Men’s B- 2nd

Women’s B/C- 2nd

Women’s A- 4th

Road Race:

Men’s D- David McKenna 6th, John Cerney 24th, David Berno 29th

Men’s C- Connor Williams 19th

Women’s B/C- Sarah Cullen 2nd, Kelly Valenzi 4th, Lillie Romeiser 5th, Maggie Schmid 12th, Emma-Kate Conlin 16th, Sarah Bueter 17th

Men’s B- Andrew Koch 12th, Tom Frederick 14th, James Pratt 19th

Men’s A- Jim Snitzer 7th, John Pratt 12th


Men’s D- John Cerney 2nd, David McKenna 7th, David Berno 12th

Men’s C- Connor Williams 12th

Women’s B/C- Kelly Valenzi 4th, Paige Handy 5th, Sarah Cullen 7th, Emma-Kate Conlin 12th, Maggie Schmid 13th, Sarah Bueter 20th

Men’s B- Tom Frederick 15th, James Pratt 22nd

Men’s A- John Pratt 4th, Jim Snitzer 31st