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Get a Teaching Well Using Technology (TWUT) Certificate: During spring break, get a jumpstart on the Teaching Well Using Technology certificate or finish the entire program in a week! These hands-on sessions are designed to help you begin working on the Teaching Well Using Technology Certificate. Each session prepares you to complete one of the modules required for the certificate. It is a great time to get work done on your own or in a group. For more information and to register, click here.

Read a book on Pedagogy: Spring break is a great time to relax, crack open a book, and learn something new about teaching. Here are some of our favorites that we think you may enjoy as well:

Sign up for some Kaneb Center Workshops: The Kaneb Center still has a number of workshops upcoming in the second half of the semester. Take a moment to browse the list and find a workshop that fits your needs and schedule.

Wishing you a restful and productive break!

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