2012 Stats Review

We’re taking a break from our monthly stats review to take a look back on some key changes that happened over the course of the year.


Mobile traffic on the ND homepage went from 5% to 14% while tablets increased from 3% to 5%. This year also resulted in us discontining support for IE7 as it dropped from 11% to 3%. IE saw an overall decrease of 11% while Safari increased 9% overall. If 2012’s trends continue this year, then we should be able to drop support for IE8 by mid to late 2013.


The platforms visiting m.nd.edu shifted slightly as iPhone went from 45% to 51%, Android dropped from 35% to 29%, desktop browsers (Mac and Windows combined) climbed from 3% to 14% and poor neglected Blackberry dropped from 5% to 1%. I find the increase in desktop traffic interesting. It goes to show that users, once they know the content exists, will use whatever device they have handy to get the content they want.


Conductor Platforms

Conductor finished the year with 304 live sites. Browser share stats for the end of the year are as follows:

  • Safari 30%
  • Chrome 27%
  • IE 25%
    • IE9 16%
    • IE8 7%
    • IE7 2%
  • Firefox 16%

Mobile traffic increased across the network from 8% to 13%. For added interest, following are mobile increases for selected sites from January to December:

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of Notre Dame web properties showed a significant increase in mobile traffic this past year, in most cases doubling that of 2011.

Chart of Mobile Traffic Increases

Tune in next month when we’ll have new stats for January and find out how many people are visiting Notre Dame on their mobile and tablet Christmas gifts.

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