Gameday Bump

It’s always interesting to watch stats around football weekends as there’s usually a pretty big spike whether it’s home or away. Last night Notre Dame football played in its biggest game in my 5+ years at the university. And even though the game didn’t end in a way any of us here wanted, the stats themselves are quite fun. Below are graphs for the past 24 hours from the main site, our mobile site, the map and Conductor (the campus CMS).

It’s interesting in the fact that not only did the homepage see a spike of traffic at game time, but traffic across the board recorded a huge jump. One stat that’s not listed below that speaks to the two-screen conversation where users are making use of their mobile devices while watching tv, the traffic to yesterday was 53% mobile and 9.6% tablet. Those percentages are more usually 11% and 4%. 24 hour stats 24 hour stats 24 hour stats

Conductor CMS (304 sites)

Conductor CMS 24 hour stats