Next week is big for us! We have lots o PalEON work to check out at CANQUA/AMQUA and ESA.  

CANQUA/AMQUA Presentations

Connor NolanSaturday, August 119:20 AMRoom BA new multiarchive record of Holocene vegetation and climate in Maine: droughts, declines, and disturbances
Andria DawsonSaturday, August 1111:20 AMRoom BReconstructing land cover: a spatio-temporal approach to estimate past forest composition from fossil pollen records

ESA Presentations

Neil PedersonMonday, August 62:10 PM346-347Strange days and their changeling legacies in the life of trees in temperate mesic forests 
Jason McLachlanMonday, August 63:30 PM244Why we need statistical models of  paleodata  to predict the future
Mathias TrachselTuesday, August 78:20 AMESA Exhibit Hall; Poster 15-51Reconstructing settlement-era forest composition for the northeastern US: A comparison of pollen vegetation models STEPPS and LOVE/REVEALS
Bethany BlakelyWednesday, August 810:50 AM333-334 Forest transition reduces surface temperature by altering biophysical properties in second-growth canopies 
Kelly HeilmanWednesday, August 810:10 AM348-349Tree growth in a changing world: Factors mediating the effects of CO2 on tree ring growth and Water Use Efficiency 
Christy RollinsonThursday, August 92:30 PM333-334Connecting pattern and process: Climate-driven shifts in composition facilitate biomass stability over the past millennium 
Kevin BurkeThursday, August 93:40 PM333-334A comparison of climatic mechanisms and plant community novelty in North America and Europe from the last glacial maximum to present