LMIC Workshop

December 5, 2023

The goals of this workshop were:

  1. To facilitate knowledge sharing between people with different levels of WBE experience across countries and communities;
  2. To discuss challenges and research questions unique to WBE in LMICs;
  3. To rank those challenges in order of importance to guide WBE research moving forward.

The workshop started with three introductory presentations from the US CDC Global WASH Team (Alexandra Kossik, Molly Cantrell, and Maya Ramaswamy), Joe Brown from the University of North Carolina, and Mami Taniuchi from the University of Virginia. A recording to the introduction presentation and discussion reporting is linked here.

Participants were then broken up into breakout rooms where they completed the following activity:

Workshop Activity

Identify specific questions you have as you are beginning to implement or have implemented wastewater surveillance programs. These should be focused on questions for which you could not find good answers to or there were no answers. Questions can be knowledge-based, resource-based, or governance and community-based. After you have listed questions and challenges, we want you to rank these in order of importance to move wastewater surveillance forward; without answering these questions wastewater surveillance cannot succeed. Please rank across categories.