Ethics of WBE

July 13, 2023

The goal of this workshop was to discuss what it means to behave ethically from different academic perspectives. This is the beginning of an ongoing conversation hosted by the RCN about this topic. The workshop was broken into two parts: a panel discussion with scientists, bioethicists, and lawyers, and breakout room activities. In the breakout rooms, participants were asked to name specific deliverables to move WBE ethics forward, and were then asked to rank those areas in terms of importance.

Session 1: Panel Discussion

  • Kenneth Goodman, University of Miami, Professor
  • Cresten Mansfeldt: University of Colorado Boulder, Assistant Professor
  • Natalie Ram: University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, Professor
  • Krystal Tsosie: Arizona State University, Assistant Professor

Session 2: Breakout Rooms

The participants identified a number of different tangible needs to move WBE ethics forward. They were then asked to rank those needs. The top three ranking needs are:

  1. Establish and define lines, cooperation between:
    • Law enforcement
    • Research
    • Public health
    • Private industry
  2. Define who owns/has access to the data:
    • How much data is becoming public?
    • How is it being communicated?
    • What is being done with the data?
    • Data transparency
  3. How and if to engage communities in pilot/proof of concept work