Sample Sharing Program

To expedite protocol validation and increase access to wastewater sludge samples within the research community, the NSF Research Coordination Network on Wastewater Surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 is offering primary wastewater sludge samples to interested research groups.

Sample Description
Interested labs will be provided with a ~40mL sludge sample that was generated as follows: A single sludge sample from a primary clarifier at an anonymous wastewater treatment plant was collected and shipped overnight on ice to Arizona State University. The sample was then homogenized, aliquoted into ~40mL volumes, and stored at -20 °C. SARS-CoV-2 RNA concentrations were measured in the original solids sample and frozen stored aliquots. You will be provided with this data in order to benchmark your sample processing.

How to Request Samples
Any investigators may request samples given that they have funds and resources available to process the samples in their laboratories. Please use this form to request samples. Requests will be reviewed by the RCN Steering Committee. Request Deadline: June 31, 2021

The RCN Steering Committee will review all sample sharing requests. As funds and samples are limited, the Steering Committee will aim to reduce duplication of research efforts when reviewing sample sharing requests and to ensure samples are allocated to diverse researchers. We also request that labs report back their measurements on shared samples to the RCN for inter-lab comparisons within 1 month of sample receipt. Labs providing their data will be credited on any products generated from this analysis.

Questions? Contact Jill McClary-Gutierrez at