Rashid, Daniel



Name: Daniel Rashid

E-mail: Daniel.V.Rashid.2@nd.edu

Language: German

Location of Study: Cologne, Germany

Program of Study: Carl Duisberg Centrum

Sponsors: Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures and Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Blog URL: http://sites.nd.edu/sla2017/author/daniel-v-rashid-2nd-edu/




A brief personal bio:

My name is Daniel Rashid and I am a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. I am from Streator, Illinois and am the oldest of four siblings. I was brought up in a strongly catholic environment, with a strong commitment to social justice and family. My parents have always kept me grounded and strongly connected to my Lebanese and German roots, making sure entitlement never crept into my psyche.

Why this summer language abroad opportunity is important to me:

I have narrowed my aspirations considerably since I applied for the SLA grant. Specifically, I have turned my aspirations toward teaching post-graduation. This summer, I will be attending a Teach for America Leadership Conference in Dallas, TX. My passion for education has driven me to seek a Fulbright scholarship in Germany upon graduation. As it happens, my Intermediate I professor this semester, Daniel Fastlablend, is a Fulbright Scholar from Germany. His work and mission have inspired me to highly consider applying to teach language in Germany upon graduation. In a more general sense, I am interested in expanding my cultural repertoire in expanding my mind to new ideas and modes of thinking.

What I hope to achieve as a result of this summer study abroad experience:

I want to get a greater understanding of the international condition in general. As I mentioned in my submission essay, I will be much closer to my goal to lead a more cosmopolitan life. It will open my mind to new ideas and thoughts, and hopefully a greater understanding and openness to the opinions and beliefs of others. I know I will come back and view my own life in a different way, and that prospect intrigues me. From a practical standpoint, my german knowledge will make me infinitely more attractive to potential employers, especially multinational consulting firms like KPMG headquartered in Germany with whom I’ve kept recruitment contact with. This program will jumpstart my German knowledge to propel me into international teaching and business opportunities.

My specific learning goals for language and intercultural learning this summer:

By the end of the summer, I will be able to discuss at length german culture, politics, and social nuance with a native speaker on a mutually beneficial and engaging level.

By the end of the summer, I will be more willing to take risks in trying and experiencing new things and new places. I will be more trusting in my ability to adapt to drastically different environments.

By the end of the summer, I will be able to have german knowledge equivalent to having taken four to five levels of college-level german courses.

My plan for maximizing my international language learning experience: