A friendly note for those interested in taking CSE 40622 Cryptography

It’ll be a great choice to take CSE 40567 Computer Security as well, especially if your concentration is Cyber Security. CSE 40567 widely covers concepts and applications in computer security, and CSE 40622 discusses theories behind cryptographic protocols. I strongly suggest taking both courses for comprehensive understanding about cyber security.

Also, CSE 40222 Blockchain will be a great choice if you are particularly interested in Blockchain technology. CSE 40222 covers foundational principles of the blockchain, its applications, and software tools for hands-on experience. In CSE 40622, only theories of Bitcoin and blockchain will be discussed in three lectures, explaining the design principles of them.

Courses at Notre Dame

CSE 40113 Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsSpring 2023Composite Median 5.0/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographyFall 2022Composite Median 4.8/5.0
CSE 40113 Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsSpring 2022Composite Median 4.8/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographyFall 2021Composite Median 4.9/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographyFall 2020Composite Median 4.5/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographySpring 2020Composite Median 5.0/5.0
CSE 40113 Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsFall 2019Composite Median 5.0/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographySpring 2019Composite Median 4.5/5.0
CSE 40113 Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsFall 2018Composite Median 4.7/5.0
CSE 40622 CryptographySpring 2018Composite Median 5.0/5.0
CSE 20110 Discrete MathematicsFall 2017Composite Median 4.4/5.0