December 1 Round Robin @ the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

ND 12 vs. Western Michigan 1 (W 1-0)

ND 7  vs. Michigan 5 (W 2-0)

ND 13 vs. Grand Valley St. 3 (W 3-0)

February 1-3 Spartan Invitational, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

ND 11 vs. Illinois 4 (W 4-0)

ND 14 vs. Lindenwood 1 (W 5-0)

ND 10 vs. CAWP (MW Zone) 5 (W 6-0)

ND 5 vs. Michigan 4 OT (W 7-0)

February 8-10 Michigan Valentine Invite, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

ND 13 vs. Eastern Michigan 3 (W 8-0)

ND 10 vs. Miami, OH 5 (W 9-0)

ND 5 vs. Michigan State 3 (W 10-0)

ND 5 vs. Michigan 4 (W 11-0)

February 23-24 CWPA Midwest Division Regionals, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

ND 14 vs. Ohio University 3 (W 12-0)

ND 10 vs. Miami, OH 2 (W 13-0)

ND 14 vs. Washington Univ. 3 (W14-0)

ND 11 vs. Grand Valley St. 4 (W 15-0)

February 29 Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

ND 15 vs. Wheaton 5 (16-0) Var.

March 2 Cal Poly Invitational, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA

ND 10 vs. Cal Maritime 2 (17-0)

ND 9 vs. Fresno State 0 (18-0)

ND 7 vs. Cal Poly “B” 0 (19-0)

March 3 UC Davis, Davis, CA

ND – vs. Davis “A” –

ND – vs. Davis “B” –

Both competitions were three quarter scrimmages, officiated by the Davis coach

March 4 CSU Monterey Bay, Monterey, CA

ND 5 CSU vs. Monterey Bay 11 (L 19-1) Var.

March 5 Cal State Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA

ND 7 Cal Poly 8

This was a scrimmage officiated by two players on their men’s club team

March 6 UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

ND – vs. UCLA –

This was a scrimmage officiated by the UCLA coach

March 9 Coyote Classic, CSU San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA

ND 6 vs. Cal Baptist 7 OT (L19-2) Var.

ND 4 vs. CSU San Bernardino 11 (L 19-3) Var.

March 15-16 Snowy Seven Invitational, Utica College, Utica, NY

ND 15 vs. Utica College 1 (W 20-3) Var.

ND 15 vs. Queens College 1 (W 21-3) Var.

ND 11 vs. Gannon University 6 (W 22-3) Var.

ND 10 vs. Slippery Rock University 5 (W 23-3) Var.

ND 6 vs. Iona College 7 (L 23-4) Var.

March 18 Carthage College @ the University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

ND 14 vs. Carthage College 8 (W 24-4) Var.

March 21-22 Off- Subsequent poll saw Notre Dame rise to #1 for the first time in Club history

March 28-30 Miami Classic, Miami University, Oxford, OH

ND12 vs. U of Penn(#8) 10OT (W25-4)

ND 14 vs. Wisconsin 4 (W 26-4)

ND 9 vs. Michigan (#6) 4 (W 27-4)

ND 4 vs. Cal Poly (#3) 3 (W 28-4)

April 5-6 Boilermaker Invitational, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

ND 10 vs. Michigan State ‘B’ 3 (W 29-4)

ND 12 vs. Purdue Alumni 5 (W 30-4)

ND 11 vs. Wheaton College 6 (W 31-4) Var.

ND 2 vs. Michigan (#5) 8 (L 31-5)

April 12-13 CWPA Midwest Division Championships, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

ND 16 vs. Washington University 1 (W 32-5)

ND 15 vs. University of Dayton 1 (W 33-5)

ND 13 vs. Grand Valley State Univ. 6 (W 34-5)

May 2-4 CWPA National Collegiate Club Championships, University of Oregon, Gresham, OR

ND 5 vs. University of Florida (#4) 6 (L 34-6)

ND 15 vs. Univ. of Washington (#15)8 (W 35-6)

ND 19 New York Univ. (#18) 1 (W 36-6)

2007-’08 Won the Midwest championship at the University of Dayton with a convincing win over Grand Valley State University13-6. Miami played in the re-combined Midwest Division. We received an automatic bid to Nationals and were paired to play the University of Florida in the first round (#4 in the country going into the tournament). We were ranked number 3 most of the year and going into the tournament. Our loss to Florida was a tough one. We drew 7 man-ups and converted none (one of which was a 6-4). We also drew two 5M’s and did not convert either. There were also a number of counter attack opportunities that we did not convert. We were down 6-2 with 4+ minutes to play and put ourselves in a situation to win with :18 and did not convert. We were only kicked out once in the entire game and it was with :3 to go. After our loss to Florida we beat the University of Washington #15 in the country at the time(Northwest Division #2). The score was 9-1 after the 1st quarter and everyone played big minutes. We then beat New York University #18 at the time (New York Division Champs). We gave our spot in the 9/10 game to NYU due to concerns about making our flight home. Our final place in the tournament is up to the discretion of the CWPA. Notre Dame finished ranked 9th Nationally in the final poll of 2007. Kelly Horner, Bridget O’Neill, Christina Romano and Betsy O’Neill were named first team All-Midwest. Kat Kennifer was named second team. Bridget O’Neill was named Midwest Conference MVP and 2nd Team at Nationals. Coughlin was named Midwest coach of the year. We also had 4 players named All American, Bridget O’Neill 1st Team, Betsy O’Neill 2nd, Kelly Horner 3rd, and Christina Romano HM. The 07-08 team was the first ever Notre Dame water polo team to be ranked number one in the country. It had the highest winning percentage and number of wins in the history of the program. We were 7-4 against Varsity competition and 29-2 against club teams including a win over the eventual national club champs Cal Poly. Team Captains were Kelly Horner, Kristen Harchut and Betsy O’Neill.