Video – PoC Effort

Video from the Proof of Concept effort conducted at OBrien park in South Bend.  The footage was recorded by Wes Evard of the College of Engineering and by the city drone pilot.  The Proof of Concept involved a DJII Octocopter drone carrying a SDR and phone payload as well as the Field Research Vehicle from Prof. Tom Pratt’s research group.  Kudos to Prof. Hai Lin’s students for piloting and for Prof. Nick Laneman’s group for running the SDR gear.

Ettus USRP312 Drone Mounts – Pictures

(March 7, 2017) The 3D printed mounts for the Ettus worked like a charm. The construct consists of three parts, two holders that are held into the base of the Ettus USRP via M3 screws and then a mounting / gimbal base that connects to the drone via M2.5 screws. Material was a red ABS (Village Plastics, purchased from Lulzbot).

Pixel Phone Mount

(March 2nd, 2017) We just finished off and verified both of our mounts, one for the recent Google Pixel phone and one for the Ettus URSP 312.  The following images show the prototype holder for the Google Pixel phone.  The holder is set up with a fairly thin base to mount to the underbody of the drone.  The phone itself is then held in with two holders on the edge (done in red) with a hole for USB access.  All of the parts were done using ABS and printed on a Lulzbot TAZ 4 printer with the all-metal hot-end (0.5 nozzle, Cura 21.03).