Video – PoC Effort

Video from the Proof of Concept effort conducted at OBrien park in South Bend.  The footage was recorded by Wes Evard of the College of Engineering and by the city drone pilot.  The Proof of Concept involved a DJII Octocopter drone carrying a SDR and phone payload as well as the Field Research Vehicle from Prof. Tom Pratt’s research group.  Kudos to Prof. Hai Lin’s students for piloting and for Prof. Nick Laneman’s group for running the SDR gear.

WSBT Interview on Smartphone Addiction

(February 6th, 2017) I did a bit of brief commentary on smartphone addiction and usage for a WSBT interview drawing from our work on the NetSense and NetHealth projects as well as the fantastic work of my colleagues at UC-Irvine (Gloria Mark) and others. The news report entitled “Special Report: Your attachment to your smartphone could be hurting your family” was done by Katlin Connin of WSBT with the interview first appearing on Monday, February 6th in the 6 PM news show.