Month: February 2023

Warming Winter Tales

Brenda Cruz, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, 1st Year

This year I had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving. This is a holiday that we don’t have back home, but I really enjoy it. I celebrated it in the morning with my closest friends at brunch and later on with some friends from my department. It was very special to me!

Kayla Hurd, Anthropology, 6th Year

My favorite holiday traditions are simply spending time with family and having time to relax. Taking a step back from the world allows me to find peace, even momentarily, to enjoy company over food and games. Sometimes the best of times is filled with doing absolutely nothing as long as we are together.

Gozde Basara, Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering, 6th Year

I am a Turkish girl whose husband is American. We wanted to bring our cultures together during Christmas time and started making Turkish breakfast for the family on Christmas mornings. Everyone enjoys our Christmas Turkish breakfast, especially my mother-in-law who loves the freshly baked Turkish bagel (simit). In Turkey, breakfast is very important and it is very rich with many different cheese types, Turkish chorizo (sucuk), olives, and pastries. I feel pretty lucky that me and my husband can blend our cultures like this.

Warming Winter Tale: Dome-Cooked Meals: Puran Poli

Puran Poli

Shashikant Lahade
Program: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Maharashtra, India

I am from the central part of India and enjoyed most of the Indian traditional holidays with my family. Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, etc., are the festivals that I enjoyed most. My mom prepares delicious food for these festivals. I am sharing one of the recipes-Puran Poli. It’s like naan with sweet stuffing and can be served with yogurt or milk. I hope you will enjoy it!

Warming Winter Tales

Hailey Sanders, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 2nd Year

Each year my partner and I like to combine our holiday traditions. He helps me bake Christmas cookies and put up our stockings while I help him to make a big meal full of traditional food for the first night of Hanukkah.

Katie Morris, Biological Sciences, 6th Year

Putting up my real Christmas tree and decorating it! I love the smell and each tree is so unique, it’s fun to see everyone else’s trees as well.

Julia Echemendia, Accountancy, 1st Year

My family and I go to North Carolina every year for winter break, and we love to go tubing and stay in the cabin with other friends and family, celebrating the new year together!