Month: December 2023

Dome-Cooked Meals: Lumpia

Cook: Anna Hayden
1st Year English
Hometown: Marina, California, USA

Anna is half Filipino and is sharing her family’s recipe for Lumpia as our last Dome-Cooked Meal! “My family and I love to make lumpia for the holidays! Lumpia is a type of spring rool from the Philippines, and is extremely popular. People often eat it as an appetizer or main course, and it’s definitely included at every party!” Check out Anna’s recipe here!

Highlighting International Education Week and the start of the holiday season when many grand meals are shared, Grad Life and International Student & Scholar Affairs are featuring home-cooked meals from across the globe this week and next in our Dome-Cooked Meals series! Keep an eye out on our social media and the Salmon Tales blogs for all these amazing recipes!